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New online sessions available to book!

We are delighted to announce that we are launching new online dance sessions this month with 3 types of classes tailored to suit differing needs: gentle, active and dynamic. Descriptions below and to find out more watch the sample videos so that you know which session is right for you to book online.
In all of our National Online Classes you will get a fun, lively, and creative dance experience and workout.
Our dance artists are trained as Postural Stability Instructors which means they are excellent at building strength, balance, flexibility, stamina, and core strength – consequently helping with the prevention of falls, building confidence and improving general fitness and well-being.
Music, a chance for expression and an opportunity to move, dance and be creative are all guaranteed!
Fun and creative dance sessions focused on improving strength and balance. This session will focus on seated exercises and balance work using a chair. You will get to mobilise your whole body, from the safety of your seat, develop good posture, gain muscle strength and balance. 1.5-hour session, approx. 1 hour of dancing and the remainder social time.
Combination of seated and standing work, aimed at developing strength, balance, coordination and stamina. This lively and creative dance session looks at incorporating more routines and choreography that will push your cardiovascular system and develop stamina and endurance, as well as gaining muscle strength, greater balance, and flexibility. 1.5-hour session, approx. 1-hour 15mins of dancing and the remainder social time.
Dance session that encourages more endurance work which is great for your cardiovascular system, along with developing strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination. This session will include mainly seated and standing work, as well as encouraging floorwork, for greater resistance and core strength. Slightly more challenging routines, choreography, and a deeper workout. 1.5-hour session, approx. 1-hour 15mins of dancing and the remainder social time.