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Our Impact

Dance to Health

The falls challenge in numbers

Falls destroy confidence, increase isolation and reduce independence.

1 in 3

people aged over 65 fall each year.

Over 223,000 emergency hospital admissions in UK

were related to falls among patients aged 65 and over, 2021-2022.

Around 1 in 10 older people

who fall become afraid to leave their homes in case they fall again.

It costs the health service £4,174

when someone has a serious fall*. The total annual UK cost of fragility fractures is estimated at £4.4 billion.

*Based on most recent (2016) estimate. Likely to be higher now.

The numbers hide the impact a fall can have on people

“I fractured my leg on a family walk in June 2017 when my right foot got caught in a hole and my left foot slipped forward as I lost my balance. Due to subsequent complications I had to wear a metal frame attached to the fractured bones and have group physio at hospital for one and a half years. As well as low muscle tone and some pain in my leg, my stamina was poor.” – Ilze, Participant

The problem is growing

There are projected to be many more people in the UK living into older age.

In 2022 there were aproximately

million people aged 85 & over

By 2045 it’s likely to be

million - almost double

Current solutions

The current solution in the NHS is sessions provided by Postural Stability Instructors (PSI), using a combination of the well-evidenced FaME and Otago exercise programmes.

However, these sessions have low engagement rates. 81% of people referred to falls prevention programmes attend for 12 weeks or less, but it takes 26 weeks to see improvements that will lead to fall prevention.

Without maintenance sessions, any improvements gained are lost after a year.

We take a professional community dance artist...

...we give them the same PSI training as healthcare professionals…

...…we also give them training on how to smuggle the PSI training into dance.

Dance to Health reduces falls by

  • 58% 58%

Sheffield Hallam University evaluated Dance to Health and concluded:


Dance to Health offers the health system an effective and cost-effective means to address the issue of older people’s falls.


Dance to Health reduces falls by 58%


If an older person visits A&E because of a fall, the likelihood of the becoming an in-patient is 35%.


This reduces to 13% for Dance to Health participants.


Dance to Health is true to existing physiotherapy programmes.


95% of participants said they enjoyed Dance to Health.


96% of participants said they are more physically active as a result of Dance to Health.


87% of participants said they have made friends as a result of Dance to Health.


96% of participants said Dance to Health has improved their mental wellbeing.


98% of participants' families and friends said they would recommend the Dance to Health programme to people who have fallen or who are at risk of falling.

Dance to Health turns a hassle into a hobby


The dance artist delivers the sessions in community venues, care homes or online, so it is convenient to attend.


The sessions are delivered to groups of participants and encourage creativity, fun, peer support, and social engagement.


The sessions can be tailored to the group’s interests, location and their level of fitness.


Dance to Health offers a cost-effective means to address older people’s falls.

This leads to increased engagement, enabling more people to complete the 26 weeks needed for improvements and to maintain their improved fitness and balance

"I have enjoyed the Dance to Health sessions - dancing helped me find mobility...

Without the sessions, I feel I would be less methodical about keeping active. They help my co-ordination, flexibility, stamina and balance. It’s enjoyable to dance! I have also got to know other people involved in the group much better and feel more part of a community.” – Participant

Dance to health

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