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Adele is based in Sheffield and runs the Dance to Health session at Stocksbridge Community Leisure Centre although she was on maternity leave when the pandemic struck.

1. Where did you learn to dance? Originally I learnt near home (in the local community centre) in Sheffield and did ballroom and disco classes each Saturday morning!
2. What piece of music will you always get up and dance to? Bonnie Tyler – Holding out for a Hero
3. Any tips for dancing at home? Get a disco ball! Even a small one for a few quid can add a whole new level to your kitchen disco!
4. How are you keeping fit during lockdown? I love going running and squeeze in short online yoga sessions whenever I can, as well as lots of walking with a pram or baby strapped to me for extra weight training!
5. What does dance mean to you? For me it’s about having the chance to be playful, something I really believe we need more opportunities to do as adults
6. What do you like about teaching D2H specifically? I love the community feel of the classes, of people coming together to move, laugh, improve health and chat – what’s not to love about that!
7. Do you watch Strictly and if so who did you vote for and why? I don’t usually but in the last series I got totally hooked in by Bill Bailey, he had such natural charisma.
8. What do you like to do when you are not dancing? I love walking in the Peak District or one of Sheffield’s great parks, sewing, knitting, snooping round car boot sales, oh and lots of playing, drawing and outdoor exploring with my 1 year old daughter.
9. If you have other projects on at the moment – tell us a bit about them! I run Spiltmilk Dance, we make and tour performance work nationally that is a blend of dance, theatre and sketch comedy. We also have lots of community projects we run across the country, working with people of all ages. You can find out more via Facebook Spiltmilk Dance are in fact opening Sheffield Theatres ‘Together’ series next month with Desert Island Flicks.